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    • Satheesh PM

      Winners of Top-up Offer

      Following are the members of Anushakti Nagar Networking Site who got Rs. 100 topup in their mobile after earning more than 500+ points. Mr. Vimalnath Nair Mr. Narasimhan Mr. Manohar Chotrani Mr. Bella Canzone Mr. Gaurav Kadam Mrs. Vasumathy Satheesh May be your Name

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      • Murthy

        Towards victory over oneself

        The guideline given in Bhagavad Gita (6.7) for ensuring that one becomes his ally in his own progress is strikingly similar to a powerful and remarkable quote of   A J Cronin. He notes, “The virtue of all achievements is victory over oneself. Those who know this victory can never ...

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