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    • datta

      Idol Worship

        Statue or photo is inert object. Form carved in stone or painted on paper is also an imaginary form and not even a direct photo. The statues and photos are only models representing the concept, which is knowledge. The form of statues and photos is mainly human form, which represents the c...

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      • Murthy

        Calculus of Life

        In mathematical calculus, integration and differentiation are two of the most interesting concepts. Both of these concepts are concerned with how things change over time. Simply put, differentiation is used to find the rate of change of things and integration is used to add rates of change over s...

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        • Murthy

          Buddhahood and Consciousness

          Gautama Buddha is the scientist of both the inner world and of religion; a rare combination. To be religious is simple, to be a scientist is simple — but to synthesise these two polarities is incredible. There are three approaches towards truth: of power, of beauty, and of grandeur. The s...

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