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    • Satheesh PM

      Top 10 Tips for Job Satisfaction?

        Are you satisfied with your job? Are you doing something worthwhile with your life? Are you achieving anything personally or professionaly through your job? Lis Job Satisfaction? If not, you might as well quit the job and be unemployed! Many people switch jobs  due to dissatisfa...

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      • Murthy

        In Harmony With Nature

        The Supreme Being is Karta Purakh, the Creator, transcendent and All-pervasive.  Creation is His manifestation.  “True is He and true is His Creation,  All has emanated from God Himself”, says fifth Sikh Guru Arjan.   Nature has all attributes of its Creator.&nbs...

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        • Murthy

          A Life Free of Burden

          Why are we not able to progress quickly? The reason why people do not progress quickly is that they are loaded with a pile of external opinions and thoughts. If you go for a walk in the morning and someone asks you where you are going, you reply cheerfully that you are taking a walk. How ch...

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